Air Conditioning


Getting stuck in traffic during sunny summer months in San Diego make a properly functioning air-conditioning system critical to your commute. It's easy to take for granted that a vehicle's air conditioning system is a complex system. The simplest explanation is, several parts and components work together to turn hot and dirty outside air into cold and clean air inside.

    SoCal Auto has expert knowledge in Air Conditioning, Cooling and Heating. 

    When to service your AC

    A faulty air conditioning system can also cause bacteria and a funky smell in your car. Each year your car loses 10% of its gas and within 5 years it is only half as efficient. Unless the gas is replaced, the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed. If left without repair, eventually the system will fail and need replacement parts. 

    How SoCal Auto can help

    We drain and recharge the system: check hoses, filters, belts, seals and connections; and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly. SoCal Auto recommends that the air conditioning system is serviced every 2 years.

    Benefits servicing your AC

    • Keeps you fresh, alert and safe
    • Maintains the mechanical integrity of the system

    Cooling & Heating Repairs


    Your vehicle’s cooling system circulates antifreeze and coolant through the engine and radiator to reduce the level of heat produced by your vehicle’s engine. A malfunctioning or deteriorated cooling system can lead to overheating, which could cause significant damage to the engine. Your vehicle may be in need of service if you experiencing any of the following:

    • You find a puddle of liquid under your vehicle
    • Grinding sounds coming from the engine area
    • The engines temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
    • Steam or burning smell coming from under the hood 

    It's important that your defroster operates efficiently during the cold winter months with a reliable, well functioning car heater. The following noticeable signs may mean you are in need of repair:

    • Air that blows in smells wet, musty, or like mildew
    • The defroster takes longer than usual to work, blows in grimy air or doesn't work at all
    • The heating system only performs when driving and stops blowing when the vehicle is at idle
    • Your heating system blows cold air
    • The volume of air is unchanged at its highest setting