Discovering your vehicles problems is easier and more effective than ever using specialized diagnostic software. Our technicians can run a test to find issues in major components of your car in addition to using their expertise and experience to find the best solution for reparations. Diagnostic tests can also keep a record of your car's history to aid in decision making for future repairs.

A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Technicians will scan your vehicle's onboard computer, document any diagnostic trouble codes, and check for service notifications issued by your vehicle's manufacturer. Our scanner will test for generic or manufacture specific problems such as:

  • abnormal fuel and air metering
  • ignition misfire
  • auxiliary emission controls
  • failed smog


The electrical system consists of the battery and alternator, these two major components work together to generate voltage in the engine subsystem to power your car. This complex system is made up of numerous computers, fuses, wires, and sensors (e.g., door locks, ignition system, stereo, lights, headlights, wipers, etc.) that run throughout your car.

At SoCal Auto, our ASE Certified technicians are experts in electrical services. Using the latest electrical diagnostic equipment, finding the root cause of an electrical issue is a complex and technical process. Our accuracy saves you time and money from misdiagnosis and unnecessary repairs.