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G. G.

"I was recommended to Chris from a friend. I am still in shock that good honest mechanics still exist.

I took my car to the Toyota dealership to check out a noise it was making. After 5 hours of having my car there, they called me to tell me that it would cost $250.00 just to CHECK OUT the problem. I purchased this car from the Toyota's certified used car section and is still under warranty so you can imagine my shock.

I then took my car to Chris who was done in less than 30 minutes! He didn't even charge me when he found out how minimal the problem was.

The business may be new but Chris has been doing this for years!"

Tony N.

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"I've had Chris work on my car many times and the work is always done well and at a good price. He is professional and trustworthy. It is hard to find a good mechanic where you can drop your car off and not worry about it. SoCal is the place where you can do it."
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Veronica D.

"I just love personal referrals!! I can always trust a good friend to recommend a five star business. Word of mouth is almost as good as Yelp!!  ;)

We had a pretty hot week last week and my AC was blowing room temp air. Not fun when you're sweating before you get to the office! A close friend  recommended a mechanic he has been going to for years and just opened up shop in San Marcos. When my friend said he would follow his mechanic anywhere I knew I would be in good hands. I took my car to SoCal Auto and met the owner Chris, who is also the mechanic. He is super personable, he diagnosed my car for free, then explained what was needed to fix the problem, we went over the charges, and before I knew it my car was blowing cool crisp air!! He did an amazing job. No more sweaty monster here!

This is a small new business in San Marcos that I am sure will be running out of space soon enough. If your car needs some work take it over and talk to Chris!"

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