Steering & Suspension


Steering and suspension are what make your drive feel steady. If you feel like your car has become rough, it may be due to your steering and/or suspension. Suspension parts in some vehicles are closest to the ground which makes the susceptible to disrepair.

SoCal Auto has expert knowledge in shocks, struts, tie rod ends, control arms, steering stabilizers, drag links, sway bars & links, power steering pumps and hoses and rack & pinion steering. 


Signs You May Need Steering and Suspension Repair


Car Pulling To One Side

  • The cause can be low or uneven tire pressure

Car Wanders & Steering Is Unresponsive

  • Check your steering rack for leaks or wear

Car Bounces After Driving Over A Bump

  • The cause can be worn shock absorbers on either the front or rear of the car or both

Steering Is Slipping Or Is Hard To Turn At Low Speeds

  • Your power steering fluid may be low